Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sometimes when a line is crossed

Some times
When a line is crossed

A silent vow is taken
I will not leave my brother warriors
Alone abandoned and forsaken

Take from me all you want
But it will only be after what I've done
I will lift up on a war birds wings
And come screaming out of the sun

I will not take this lying down
Unless it's to steady my aim
Redistribute this Redistribute that
How about redistribute the pain

I spit in the face of tyranny
I have no respect and mercy anymore
I've always been able to see death coming
But they've forgotten it's a two way door

11:31 am
standard plausible deniability
line applies here
transcribed this time
12:49 pm


Monday, November 12, 2012

Destiny and Eternity

Destiny calls from the great halls
Eternity personally calls your name

They have to have an enemy
And we are their whipping boy
They have to have somebody to blame
Somebody to destroy

Because their ideas don't work
That's why they depend on lies
That's why they rely on a compliant press
To not open any eyes

A Border Agent is murdered
And they talk Lance Armstrong
Only the sublime slime Press gets to determine
What is right or wrong

Six Trillion is thrown away
Roe's kill Marines in Afghanistan
And suddenly Cindy Sheehan
Is no longer taking her lunatic stand

The housing market takes a crap
Solyndra crashes and burns
But still there is no problem
Nothing to be learned

The Health care business is Socialized
And Medicare cut to the bone
And they tell everybody don't worry
China will keep giving us loans

Our ratings drop like a stone
The Middle East is blowing up
An Ambassador is raped and killed
But nothing is all that corrupt

The Seals fight to the death
It's all under investigation
So this is how you kill a people
This is how you destroy a nation

But I'm not taking any advice
From compromise whores and sell outs
They can spin it all they want
But they won't sow in me any doubts

They mock Freedom of Religion
But for Muslims go through contortions
They spit in Catholics' face
And say you will pay for abortion

They are coming for our guns
They are coming for our souls
The only thing tyranny ever wants
Is complete and total control

They seek to divide and conquer
They whisper accuse and alledge
They seek to isolate and intimidate
They seek to drive in a wedge

They do not debate ideas
They seek to destroy credibility and careers
They prefer an electorate numb and dumb
It's easier to rule by fear rather than being clear

I see ruthless lying and conniving
I see traitors murderers and thieves
I see a thousand million reasons
As to why my own country I should leave

But I will not
Be run off by punks and pawns
I would not want to miss
The new coming red dawn

Blood red in the Morning
Blood red come the night
Blood red read the entrails
And says oh yeah it's going

To be one Helleva fight

12:33 pm
transcribed this time
1:26 pm